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Sailing schools, yachting courses, boat licences

Would you like to get your skipper's license? No matter whether it is for sailing or driving powerboats, Profinautic helps you find the right class. You can obtain motor boat and radio operator's certificate - with Profinautic you will find the right yachting school for pleasure craft in your neighborhood.

4 sailing schools / yachting schools

- Neuköllner Str., 12355 Berlin, Germany

Boat licences: PCL-p-i, PCL-s-i, PCL-p-s, C-ymc, B-ymo, Rhine, VHF-i, SRC, training *)
Areas for practice: Berlin

- Weisserlentrasse 13, 79108 Freiburg, Germany

Boat licences: PCL-p-i, PCL-s-i, PCL-p-s, C-ymc, B-ymo, A-ymo, Rhine, PCL-LC, VHF-i, SRC, LRC, training *)
Areas for practice: Rhine, Tyrrenian Sea, English Channel, Baltic Sea, Caribbean Islands

- An der Havel 38, 14542 Werder OT Töplitz, Germany

Boat licences: PCL-p-i, PCL-p-s, C-ymc, Rhine, VHF-i, SRC, LRC, training *)
Areas for practice: Berlin, Lake of Leipzig

- 55122 Mainz, Germany

Boat licences: Rhine *)

*) Boat licences

Generall licences

PCL-p-i - Pleasure Craft Skipper's Licence (power) Inland  » show sailing schools
PCL-s-i - Pleasure Craft Skipper's Licence (sail) Inland Water  » show sailing schools
PCL-p-s - Pleasure Craft Skipper's Licence (power) Sea  » show sailing schools
C-ymc - Yachtmaster Coastal (C)  » show sailing schools
B-ymo - Yachtmaster Offshore (B)  » show sailing schools
A-ymo - Yachtmaster Ocean (A)  » show sailing schools

Special licences

Rhine - Pleasure craft licence for Rhine  » show sailing schools
PCL-LC - Pleasure craft licence for Lake of Constance  » show sailing schools
croa - Skipper's licence of Croatia  » show sailing schools

VHF / radio licences

VHF-i - VHF radio licence, inland water  » show sailing schools
SRC - Short Range Certificate sea  » show sailing schools
LRC - Long Range Certificate  » show sailing schools


training - Skipper training  » show sailing schools

Sailing schools, yachting courses, boat licences - areas

Yacht schools, boating courses, licences for boats - countries

Austria    Croatia    Czech Republic    Germany    Greece    Italy    Netherlands    Slovakia    Slovenia    Spain    Switzerland    Turkey    United Arab. Emirates   

Do you offer a licence for pleasure craft boats? Do you provide a sailing school or a yachting school? Add your boating school and courses to our data base.