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North Atlantic Ocean - Sailing schools, yachting courses, boat licences

Would you like to get your skipper's license? No matter whether it is for sailing or driving powerboats, Profinautic helps you find the right class. You can obtain motor boat and radio operator's certificate - with Profinautic you will find the right yachting school for pleasure craft in your neighborhood.

6 sailing schools / yachting schools (North Atlantic Ocean)

- Baumgarten 30, 30966 Hemmingen, Germany

Boat licences: C-ymc, B-ymo, A-ymo, training *)
Areas for practice: Adria, Aegaeis, Balear Islands, Ijsselmeer/Markermeer, Tyrrenian Sea, Baltic Sea, Caribbean Islands, Canary Islands

- Alcaidesa Marina 10, 11360 La Linea de la Concepcion, Spain

Boat licences: PCL-p-i, PCL-s-i, PCL-p-s, C-ymc, B-ymo, A-ymo, training *)
Areas for practice: Golf of Cadiz
Sunset Offshore Sailing School is based in Alcaidesa Marina, a short walk away from Gibraltar Airport, providing a range of tidal sailing courses to cater for all levels from the novice sailor to Yachtmaster.

Our aim is to ensure that all sailors attending a Sunset Offshore Sailing School course have a memorable and enjoyable sailing experience combined with high quality instruction

- Cumh.Mah.Art Evleri.E blok. 39, 48700 marmaris, Turkey

Boat licences: C-ymc, B-ymo, A-ymo, VHF-i, SRC, training *)
Areas for practice: Caribbean Islands, Canary Islands
IYT Yacht Master Sailing School. Atlantic Crossing with ARC. Atlantic return to Europe.Yacht Master Ocean & Offshore & Coastal.

- 30655 Hannover, Germany

Boat licences: SRC, LRC *)
Areas for practice: Balear Islands, Baltic Sea, Canary Islands

- Canaries Seaschool SLU, B38905154, 38631 Tenerife, Spain

Boat licences: PCL-p-s, C-ymc, B-ymo, A-ymo, SRC, training *)
Areas for practice: Canary Islands
Club Yachting is an RYA approved Sailing, motor cruising and powerboat training centre based in the year round sunshine of Tenerife, Canary Islands

- Im Aperg 20, 8352 Räterschen, Switzerland

Boat licences: PCL-s-i, PCL-p-s, C-ymc, B-ymo, A-ymo, training *)
Areas for practice: Adria, Aegaeis, English Channel, Golf of Biscaya, Sicilia, Irish Sea, Caribbean Islands

*) Boat licences

Generall licences

PCL-p-i - Pleasure Craft Skipper's Licence (power) Inland  » show sailing schools
PCL-s-i - Pleasure Craft Skipper's Licence (sail) Inland Water  » show sailing schools
PCL-p-s - Pleasure Craft Skipper's Licence (power) Sea  » show sailing schools
C-ymc - Yachtmaster Coastal (C)  » show sailing schools
B-ymo - Yachtmaster Offshore (B)  » show sailing schools
A-ymo - Yachtmaster Ocean (A)  » show sailing schools

Special licences

Rhine - Pleasure craft licence for Rhine  » show sailing schools
PCL-LC - Pleasure craft licence for Lake of Constance  » show sailing schools
croa - Skipper's licence of Croatia  » show sailing schools

VHF / radio licences

VHF-i - VHF radio licence, inland water  » show sailing schools
SRC - Short Range Certificate sea  » show sailing schools
LRC - Long Range Certificate  » show sailing schools


training - Skipper training  » show sailing schools

Sailing schools, yachting courses, boat licences - areas

Do you offer a licence for pleasure craft boats? Do you provide a sailing school or a yachting school? Add your boating school and courses to our data base.