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Portugal - Boatbuilder, shipyards and boat manufacturers

Are you looking for a boatbuilder or manufacturer of your motor yachts or sailing yachts? Would you like to know what shipyard manufactures certain sailboats, catamarans or mega yachts? You cannot remember the name of a certain yacht manufacturer?
This web site provides you with a list of leading boat manufacturers and shipyards for a large variety of boats such as motor yachts, power boats, catamarans and even inflatables or canoes.

6 boat and yacht manufacturers (Portugal)

- Portugal

Manufacturer of models: Hydrosport
Boats/yachts: powerboats, inflatables, sports boats/day cruisers, RIBs

- Portugal

Manufacturer of models: Valiant
Boats/yachts: inflatables

- Aveiro, Portugal

Manufacturer of models: Offshore, Fisher, Fisher Lux, Blue Scy, T-Top, Sport, Tuna Tower
Boats/yachts: powerboats, sports boats/day cruisers, motor yachts/cabin boats, fishing boats

- Vila Nova de Cerveira, Portugal

Manufacturer of models: K, DR, TX, SOLAS
Boats/yachts: powerboats, inflatables, work boats, RIBs

- Polo Industrial , Nº2, 4920-247 Vilanova De Cerveira, Portugal

Manufacturer of models: Starfisher
Boats/yachts: powerboats, sports boats/day cruisers, motor yachts/cabin boats

- Zona Industrial do Vale do Grou, 2525-378 Atouguia da Baleia, Portugal

Manufacturer of models: Fibramar
Boats/yachts: powerboats, small boats, sports boats/day cruisers, motor yachts/cabin boats, fishing boats, pedal boats
Portuguese manufacturer of fiberglass boats, especially for sport fishing and commercial fishing. Fibramar currently manufactures 26 models of boats ranging from 2,30 to 9 meters.

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