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Sweden - Boats for sale - buy a yacht - used / new

Would you like to purchase a new boat, a new yacht? Are you looking for a dealership or a distributor for new boats? Are you looking for a specific make or model to sell? Our online directory of manufacturers and sales agents will help you.

6 boat dealers (Sweden)

- Brastorpsv 6, 591 50 Motala, Sweden

Models: VK35    Sale: Poland, Sweden
Boats/yachts: sailboats
VK35 is the first member of the VK series of Aluminum Performance Sailing Yachts,
The VK35 is the ideal boat for the sailor who wants a reliable aluminum racer/cruiser of high quality to enjoy in the long term. Please note : the interior has to be made.

- 252 67 Helsingborg, Sweden

Models: Jeanneau    Sale: Sweden
Boats/yachts: sailboats, powerboats, sailing yachts, motor yachts/cabin boats

- 644 36 Torshälla, Sweden

Models: Dehler    Sale: Sweden
Boats/yachts: sailboats, sailing yachts

- 18492 Akersberga, Sweden

Models: Fairline, Sea Doo    Sale: Sweden
Boats/yachts: powerboats, jet skis, motor yachts/cabin boats

- 136 44 Haninge, Sweden

Models: Yamarin, Finnmaster, Buster    Sale: Sweden
Boats/yachts: powerboats, sports boats/day cruisers

- 183 57 Täby, Sweden

Models: Princess, Windy, Nidelv    Sale: Sweden
Boats/yachts: powerboats, motor yachts/cabin boats

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