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Germany - Manufacturers marine gear and boating equipment

Are you looking for a certain brand for the equipment for your yacht? Do you wish information about your boat heating directly from the manufacturer? Do you need a new software for the navigation system on your boat? Here you will find the most important manufacturers of marine gear and boat equipment and their websites.

46 manufacturers of marine gear (Germany)

- Industriestr.21, 53359 Rheinbach, Germany

Models: prebit®    Product range: stoves/fridges, board electronic, board electrics, indoor equipment, material
Innovative and high quality LED Lights, that is what our factory from Germany stands for. We connect future technology with manual precision and selected materials to lights with a timeless aesthetic design, that create emotions as pointedly illustrated soloists as well as team players in individual lighting concepts. prebit® established as one of the leading lighting companies for luxury Yachts!

- Würdingerstr. 27+27a, 94060 Pocking, Germany

Models: PolyMarine    Product range: safety equipment, board electronic
Perfect Solutions for Gas Alarm Systems.
MSR-Electronic PolyMarine®2 is designed to ensure reliable and permanent protection against gas leaks on board. Many of these gases are often odorless. The human sense of smell can‘t detect this threat anymore and is therefore dependent on aid. In addition, leakage of combustible gases can quickly lead to fire or even explosion.

- Alexanderstraße 10-21, 58644 Iserlohn, Germany

Models: SPRENGER    Product range: metal accessories, small accessories

- Kleinbeckstr. 7, 45549 Sprockhövel, Germany

Models: LOXX    Product range: pails/ropes, metal accessories, small accessories

- 59581 Warstein, Germany

Models: Cocktailanlage für Yachten und Boote    Product range: indoor equipment

- Maiental 25, 31162 Bad Salzdetfurth, Germany

Models: NB Yacht light    Product range: safety equipment, board electrics, material
Supply of LED names and signs,floorlight stairlight, and shaped light, in acryl. 5/12 Volt. Leading supplier with more than 5.000 yacht experience in 20 years production. Made in Germany !! 1th quality LED inside in warm white,cold white and RGD. Letters can be with foil,chrom,wood,porcelain.
Almost all shapes are possible. Vectorgraphs are needed for quotation

- Pähler Str. 1, Raisting Raisting, Germany

Models: Segelboote, Motoryachten    Product range: pails/ropes, indoor equipment, small accessories

- Dieselstrasse 14, 72770 Reutlingen, Germany

Models: GISATEX    Product range: paint/lubricants, indoor equipment, small accessories, material
GISATEX is the provider with the broad range of wall and ceiling coverings specifically for yachts. Wether elegant suede optics as AMAREE MUSC for the salon or extremely stretchy velours as BELLINA SUPER STRETCH for the bedroom, GISATEX offers industrial and professional yacht owners a wide range of wall and ceiling coverings. Also 3mesh mattressunderlay DRYWEAVE


- Kirchbuschweg 1, 30926 Seelze, Germany

Models: Glasscheiben    Product range: material

- Süderstrasse 3, 23769 Fehmarn, Burg, Germany

Models: NAVEXTREME    Product range: board electronic

- 33758 Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock, Germany

Models: Decksbeschläge    Product range: metal accessories

- 82319 Starnberg, Germany

Models: StarnBag    Product range: pails/ropes, indoor equipment, small accessories, material

SW-Segel, Sascha Walter, Sail Service Deutschland

- 24983 Handewitt, Germany

Models: SW-Segel, Sail Service    Product range: pails/ropes
High Performance Sails

- Germany

Models: cemoclean    Product range: paint/lubricants


- Germany

Models: b-3-d Bootssattlerei    Product range: small accessories

- Prinz-Eugen-Straße 90, 88069 Tettnang, Germany

Models: Plan und Tat    Product range: masts, metal accessories
custom made stainless steel tanks

- Germany

Models: Navyline    Product range: safety equipment, small accessories
Navyline Boat Equipment

- Germany

Models: Yachticon    Product range: paint/lubricants
Boat Care

- 80339 München, Germany

Models: ECHO Tec Watermaker    Product range: water supply

Wempe, Gerhard D. KG

- Germany

Models: Wempe    Product range: board electronic
marine clock, barographs, barometer

- Germany

Models: Prime Sails    Product range: pails/ropes

- Germany

Models: Bootsaufklber    Product range: small accessories

- Germany

Models: Tedsen - Yachtpolster    Product range: indoor equipment
Yacht Cushions and Mattresses

- Germany

Models: Freediver    Product range: safety equipment
Deepsnorkel Equipment

- Germany

Models: mobileObjects    Product range: board electronic
GPS and satellite Tracking


- Germany

Models: SatMOS    Product range: board electronic
Marine Object Security

- Germany

Models: Böker    Product range: small accessories

- Germany

Models: EPAK    Product range: board electronic
Satellite antennas

- Germany

Models: Sails East    Product range: pails/ropes
yacht and dinghy sails

Neilprydesails Deutschland

- 22587 Hamburg, Germany

Models: Neilpryde    Product range: pails/ropes, masts
sails for sailing boats and yachts

- Germany

Models: FK    Product range: masts
riggs, masts

- 22851 Norderstedt, Germany

Models: Kangaroo Sails    Product range: pails/ropes
Catamaran sails and more

- Germany

Models: JAN-Segel    Product range: pails/ropes
Sailmaker + service

- Germany

Models: Moritz    Product range: pails/ropes
Sailmaker + service

- Germany

Models: Fischer Panda    Product range: board electrics

- Germany

Models: Schultz    Product range: pails/ropes
One design, racing, cruising

- Germany

Models: Carvacut, Nova    Product range: pails/ropes
Regatta sail

- Germany

Models: Hinsch & Ruhland    Product range: pails/ropes
Sail and service

- Germany

Models: Diekow    Product range: pails/ropes
Various sails

- Germany

Models: Lee    Product range: pails/ropes
Hand made, various sails

- Germany

Models: Prasolux Maritim    Product range: metal accessories

- Germany

Models: VDO    Product range: board electronic
Chartplotter, audio, sound, gauges

- Germany

Models: WAECO    Product range: stoves/fridges
thermoelectric, compressor

- Germany

Models: Webasto    Product range: heating
water and air heating systems

- Germany

Models: Eberspächer    Product range: heating
air system, water heating

- Germany

Models: Truma    Product range: heating
gas, boiler

46 manufacturers of marine gear (Germany)

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