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Latvia - Marinas and ports

Are you looking for a marina or a specific port? Would you like to inquire about availability of berths? Would you like to know which marinas are located in what regions? Find a list of European ports, yacht clubs and marinas right here.

2 marinas/ports (Latvia)

- 12 Juras Street, LV-3401 Liepaja, Latvia

56° 30' 46'' North - 21° 0' 43'' East - Baltic Sea (Baltic Sea)
Liepaja Yacht Centre is the marina in one of the most beautiful harbor towns in Latvia. It is the most South positioned Latvian port. Liepaja is big and living town with extensive art, music and nightlife. Liepaja Yacht Centre is located in the centre of the Liepaja town – nearby the Promenade Hotel building on the canal side. The marina has a complete range of services.

- Mersraga osta, LV-3284 Mersrags, Latvia

57° 20' 21'' North - 23° 7' 57'' East - Baltic Sea (Baltic Sea)
Mersrags is small, quiet town on the coast of Riga bay. It is surrounded by untouched and various natures. This marina is always on the way for everybody who goes to Riga or returns. New yacht-club with guest-house and service building and new quayside was build there in 2010. Marine provides full service and is located close to the town centre.

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