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material - Manufacturers marine gear and boating equipment

Are you looking for a certain brand for the equipment for your yacht? Do you wish information about your boat heating directly from the manufacturer? Do you need a new software for the navigation system on your boat? Here you will find the most important manufacturers of marine gear and boat equipment and their websites.

15 manufacturers of marine gear (material)

- Andalucía Nº7 - 5ºB, 36205 VIGO, Spain

Models: Barrakuda    Product range: material

- Industriestr.21, 53359 Rheinbach, Germany

Models: prebit®    Product range: stoves/fridges, board electronic, board electrics, indoor equipment, material
Innovative and high quality LED Lights, that is what our factory from Germany stands for. We connect future technology with manual precision and selected materials to lights with a timeless aesthetic design, that create emotions as pointedly illustrated soloists as well as team players in individual lighting concepts. prebit® established as one of the leading lighting companies for luxury Yachts!

- Untere Gründlistrasse 23, CH-6055 Alpnach Dorf, Switzerland

Models: NautikFlör    Product range: indoor equipment, material
NautikFlör is a worldwide unique premium nautical flooring with classic maritime design and modern click-laying system.
The click system makes installation and assembly simple and time-saving.
Perfect for the new building and the renovation in the boat and object area.
Contact :, phone : +385 91 200 98 54

- Untere Gründlistrasse 23, 6055 Alpnach Dorf, Switzerland

Models: NuTeak    Product range: indoor equipment, material
NuTeak is a very natural looking premium decking.Thanks to its tongue and groove system, processing is quick and easy.The easy maintenance and the natural look make NuTeak very attractive.NuTeak does not bleed and is easy to clean.
Due to its longevity, NuTeak looks after many like new and high value .
Contact: Mail:,Phone : +385 91 200 98 54

- Uczniowska 32, 58-306 Wałbrzych, Poland

Models: mould, plug, composites, forms    Product range: paint/lubricants, masts, material
We produce elements from resin-based composites:
vinyl ester,
The modern plant and production line attended by experts allow for the performance of orders to any level of complexity: from design, through production of forms, to the final product.

- Bulcsu utca 21, H-2120 Dunakeszi, Hungary

Models: Biminitop    Product range: indoor equipment, material
Production for Biminitops, All sizes, all colors. We have specialized us in the production for canopys - biminitops for all kind of boats. Längth from 130-320cm, Beam 80-450cm

- Maiental 25, 31162 Bad Salzdetfurth, Germany

Models: NB Yacht light    Product range: safety equipment, board electrics, material
Supply of LED names and signs,floorlight stairlight, and shaped light, in acryl. 5/12 Volt. Leading supplier with more than 5.000 yacht experience in 20 years production. Made in Germany !! 1th quality LED inside in warm white,cold white and RGD. Letters can be with foil,chrom,wood,porcelain.
Almost all shapes are possible. Vectorgraphs are needed for quotation

- Dieselstrasse 14, 72770 Reutlingen, Germany

Models: GISATEX    Product range: paint/lubricants, indoor equipment, small accessories, material
GISATEX is the provider with the broad range of wall and ceiling coverings specifically for yachts. Wether elegant suede optics as AMAREE MUSC for the salon or extremely stretchy velours as BELLINA SUPER STRETCH for the bedroom, GISATEX offers industrial and professional yacht owners a wide range of wall and ceiling coverings. Also 3mesh mattressunderlay DRYWEAVE

- 5692HK Son, Netherlands

Models: Instant Trust Marine    Product range: material
The InstantTrust Marine desinfects the water coming from the watertanks of boats and ships.
In collaboration with Philips a unique solution has been found! This new waterfriendly development provides fresh desinfected tasteful water. This way you have always clean drinking water on board!


- ul.Wl.Andersa 22, 75016 Koszalin, Poland

Models: Carbonstyling    Product range: heating, indoor equipment, material
Carbonstyling is creative, innovative interior solutions in the home-, automotive-, yacht-, jet-, boot- and helicopter interior. Company located in Poland Romania and Germany.
Office hours: 6:00 am - 11:00 am , attention: no office hours !


- Kirchbuschweg 1, 30926 Seelze, Germany

Models: Glasscheiben    Product range: material

- Tyršova 244, 570 01 Litomyšl, Czech Republic

Models: TEAK PANEL    Product range: indoor equipment, material

- 82319 Starnberg, Germany

Models: StarnBag    Product range: pails/ropes, indoor equipment, small accessories, material

teak import centre

- Netherlands

Models: teak dekdelen    Product range: material
teak decking

- Netherlands

Models: Kuiper Dutch Marine Panels    Product range: material
Veneer- and Sandwichpanels

15 manufacturers of marine gear (material)

Marine gear and boating equipment - manufacturers - product range

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